Sam Smith: No, I’m Not Adele In Drag

Sam Smith served as the musical guest on the January 21 episode of Saturday Night Live, performing their No. 1 hitUnholy” and “Gloria.” Adele was busy carrying out yet another weekend in her 32-date Weekends With Adele Las Vegas residency. Whether Adele and Smith are the same person is an absurd conspiracy, but for those conspiracy theorists that believe it, it would have been very difficult for Smith to be in Las Vegas and New York City at the same time.

Smith stopped by The Drew Barrymore Show today, January 23, and played a game of “Pop Quiz.” The last question in the game was to name the “craziest rumor you’ve ever heard about yourself.” Smith responded, “Everyone seems to think that I’m Adele… in drag. ‘Cause we’ve never been seen in the same room together. And if you slow down her voice, it sounds maybe a bit like mine. So, people think that we’re the same person, and I’m just in drag right now.” Here’s an example, courtesy of a four-year-old tweet.

They continued, “I get asked all the time in every interview about it, and it’s really frustrating.” When Barrymore asked how Smith felt about it, they admitted, “I mean, it’s a fabulous compliment, but I am not Adele!”

Under that logic, I guess it’s not the best argument that Adele and Smith weren’t in the same room — let alone the same city — over the weekend, but I trust (probably naively) that common sense largely wins out here.

Elsewhere in “Pop Quiz,” Smith described a strange fan encounter that involved a saucepan, identified Leonardo DiCaprio as his first celebrity crush, gave themselves a Spice Girls name, and expressed a desire to transform into Ursula from The Little Mermaid. Watch the full segment above.