Even Travis Kelce’s Mom Is Getting In On The Taylor Swift ‘Seemingly Ranch’ Meme

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s rumored relationship has sent fans into a spiral across social media. The “Sweet Nothing” singer only intensified the online hysteria by attending two recent Kansas City Chiefs games. On September 24, Swift’s surprise appearance at the team’s home game versus the Chicago Bears birthed one of the most offbeat viral pieces of content. As Swift enjoyed a quick meal offered in the VIP suite, an image of her sitting beside a plate of chicken, the new “seemingly ranch” meme, was born.

Donna Kelce, Travis’ mother, got wind of the condiment joke and decided to join the fun. In an image posted to her Instagram Story, she was attending her older son’s, Philadelphia Eagles’ center Jason Kelce, game at Lincoln Financial Field. Seen in the photo, Donna and Kevin Miles, best known as State Farm ad character Jake, recreated the moment. “No ‘seemingly ranch’ available at the Linc,” read the picture’s caption.

The ‘seemingly ranch’ meme has turned into a battle of sauces, with brands such as Heinz and Primal Kitchen announcing plans to release a special edition concoction inspired by the pop culture moment.

Whether or not Taylor Swift or Travis Kelce are dating is no longer relevant as Mama Kelce is the true star.