Taylor Swift Teases A Short Film For Her New Ten-Minute Version Of ‘All Too Well’

When Taylor Swift announced Red (Taylor’s Version) in June, she noted that one of the songs on the new expanded album is ten minutes long. Now, it appears we know exactly what she was talking about: Today, Swift announced she is releasing a short film for the ten-minute version of “All Too Well,” which she wrote and directed and in which she stars alongside Sadie Sink (known for her role as Max Mayfield in Stranger Things) and Dylan O’Brien (known for Teen Wolf, The Maze Runner, and Bumblebee).

Swift made the announcement with a simple teaser clip, which premiered on Good Morning America before she shared it on social media. The 30-second music-free video is a single, stationary shot of a car driving through an autumnal scene as key information about the clip, including its November 12 release date, appears on screen.

During a concert that was recorded for her 2018 concert film Taylor Swift: Reputation Stadium Tour, Swift noted of her changing relationship with “All Too Well,” “I feel like this song has two lives in my brain. There’s the life of this song where this song was born out of catharsis and venting, and trying to get over something, and trying to understand it and process it. And then there’s the life where it went out into the world and you [fans] turned this song into something completely different for me. You turned this song into a collage of memories of watching you scream the words to this song, or seeing pictures that you post to me of you having written the words to this song in your diary, or you showing me your wrist and you have a tattoo of the lyrics to this song underneath your skin. And that is how you’ve changed the song ‘All Too Well’ for me.”

Watch the “All Too Well” short film teaser above.

Red (Taylor’s Version) is out 11/19 via Republic. Pre-order it here.