A Few Things To Know About ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ Season Three

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10.11.17 3 Comments


Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is back for its third season on Friday on the CW. I’ve seen the first three episodes, and they are delightful. As I like to do sometimes for a returning show where the quality has remained steady for a while now, I’m going to highlight a few notable things about what’s coming up.

1. Get ready for “Funny Fatal Attraction.”

That’s the phrase co-creator/star Rachel Bloom has used to describe the third season (of a planned four-season arc for the series). Season two concluded with Josh Chan bailing on his wedding to Bloom’s Rebecca Bunch at the last possible minute, so now Rebecca’s Josh obsession has gone from creepy and unfortunate but mostly harmless into something much darker and more reckless. The new episodes pull off the tricky balancing act of making the other characters be sympathetic to Rebecca’s need for vengeance even as they disapprove of nearly everything she does in order to get it. Without giving too much away, her first two plans are so disgusting, it’s a wonder they made it onto the CW, even for a show that’s always been so risque.

2. Nathaniel is proving to be a great addition.

Scott Michael Foster joined the cast midway through season two as new law firm boss Nathaniel, who had little patience for Rebecca’s shenanigans. Nathaniel was essentially replacing Greg as Rebecca’s disapproving non-Josh romantic alternative, but you could tell that Bloom, Aline Brosh McKenna, and the other Crazy writers were figuring out Nathaniel, and what made him a funny part of this show, on the fly. By the time season three begins, they have found it, and Foster gets to have a lot of fun showing how Nathaniel responds to Rebecca’s new singlehood and the escalation of her Josh obsession. Foster now feels every bit the equal of all the folks who’ve been around since season one. And speaking of which…

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