The New ‘Fargo’ Actors Love The Show, And Those Crazy Names

01.12.17 3 years ago 8 Comments

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The last time FX brought a Fargo cast to the Television Critics Association press tour, those season 2 actors had to sheepishly admit that they hadn’t watched the first year when it aired because they were convinced the idea of doing a Fargo TV show was terrible. When they were offered parts in season 2, they had to be bullied into watching the first by loved ones who kept insisting, rightly, that it was great.

The season 3 cast admitted they had their own reservations about the idea when they first heard about it a few years ago, but many of them had watched it long before Noah Hawley and Warren Littlefield offered them roles in the new batch, which will debut in April.

Carrie Coon, who will play small-town sheriff Gloria Burgle, admitted her initial reaction to the show’s existence was, “‘What a terrible idea! Who does this guy think he is!’ But then I watched season 2, loved it, and here I am.”

Mary Elizabeth Winstead, who plays Nikki Swango, said it took her a little longer to watch, simply because she was so convinced upfront that it was a bad idea that she refused out of sheer stubbornness even when friends assured her she was wrong, but eventually dove in, and, “Pretty much as soon as I got the call from Noah, I said yes before I knew what the role was.”

The only new castmember present who hadn’t seen the show prior to taking the job was season 3’s lead, Ewan McGregor, who plays the dual role of twins Emmit and Ray Stussy, and he said it was simply him being busy, not an opposition to the concept of adapting the Coen brother classic. When a Fargo producer met him at a film festival and said they were looking for an actor to play a dual role — which he has done several times previously in his career — he was intrigued.

“I’m very experienced at playing with myself,” he joked.

Though an ill Hawley missed the session, producer Warren Littlefield was there to talk about the ways that the 2010 setting and its technology will change the nature of the familiar Upper Midwest setting.

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