Firewall & Iceberg, Episode 290: ‘The Strain,’ ‘Masters of Sex,’ ‘Rectify’ & more


Happy Tuesday, boys and girls! After a couple of weeks off, the Firewall & Iceberg Podcast is back, and hopefully not for the last time. In case you missed his announcement, tomorrow is Dan’s last day at HitFix, and while the hope for all involved is for the podcast to continue, various elements are still in flux. Hopefully, you’ll get a new show next week. And if this is our inadvertent series finale, well, at least we close it by talking about perhaps the greatest series finale of them all.

And if the podcast does continue, the next one will have us talking about the ends of “Dinosaurs” and “Alf,” y’all.

The rundown:

“Rectify” (00:02:40 – 00:13:00)
“The Strain” (00:13:00 – 00:28:00)
“7 Days in Hell” (00:28:05 – 00:34:50)
“Masters of Sex” (00:34:50 – 00:46:25)
“The Shield” finale (00:46:25 – 01:17:35)

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