Firewall & Iceberg Podcast, episode 115: Grammys, ‘Cougar Town,’ ‘Life’s Too Short’ & more

It’s later in the day (or night) than usual, but we got in a Firewall & Iceberg Podcast just under the Monday wire. Dan and I talk a bit about the experience of watching last night’s Grammys, review the return of “Cougar Town,” the HBO debut of Gervais and Merchant’s “Life’s Too Short” and Netflix’s original wiseguy-in-Norway series “Lilyhammer.” We also answer some of your mail, which gives us a chance to check in on some freshman series we haven’t discussed in a while, and also for me to gush over Knicks point guard Jeremy Lin. (Apologies in advance for that segment.)

The line-up: 

The Grammys (00:00:45 – 00:15:35)
“Cougar Town” (00:15:40 – 00:29:50)
“Life’s Too Short” (00:29:50 – 38:45)
“Lilyhammer” (00:38:55 – 00:51:10)
Listener Mail – “Person of Interest” (00:52:00 – 00:59:05)
Listener Mail – New shows we’re sticking with (00:59:05 – 01:07:25)
Listener Mail – LINSANITY (01:08:15 – 01:20:45)


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