Firewall & Iceberg Podcast, episode 129: ‘Community,’ ‘House,’ ‘Avengers’ & more

A very busy, very long Firewall & Iceberg Podcast this week deals with finales, firings, a forgettable new TBS sitcom, a metaphorical Marvel Team-Up between Don Draper and Joan Harris, a more literal Marvel team-up between the members of The Avengers, and the announcement of this week’s summer re-watch.

The line-up:

Tessa’s Mom Candidates (00:01:30 – 00:05:00)
“Men at Work” (00:05:00 – 00:10:45)
“Community” finale/Dan Harmon (00:10:45 – 00:28:00)
“Grey’s Anatomy”/”Scandal” finales (00:28:10 – 00:45:45)
“House” finale (00:45:45 – 00:58:45)
Listener Mail – “Breaking Bad” premiere (00:59:00 – 01:03:45)
“Mad Men” (01:03:50 – 01:20:00)
“Avengers” (01:20:10 – 01:36:00)
Our Summer Re-Watch Announcement (01:36:10 – 01:39:25)
As we discuss towards the end of the show, there may or may not be a podcast next week, due to Dan’s travel schedule, but there will definitely not be a podcast on Monday, due to the Memorial Day holiday.

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