Firewall & Iceberg Podcast, episode 238: Emmys, ‘The Strain,’ ‘Masters of Sex’ & more

Happy Saturday, boys and girls! Time for a weekend, in-person Firewall & Iceberg Podcast! I'm finally in town for press tour, which meant Dan and I belatedly got to sit down to discuss the Emmy nominations, review “The Strain” and “Masters of Sex” (and, briefly, “The Divide”) and discuss a surprising/mortifying moment for Dan at press tour earlier today. We'll hopefully have both a video show and a podcast in the coming week, but we'll see.

The rundown: 

“The Strain” (18:35 – 30:50)
“Masters of Sex” Season 2 (30:55 – 38:55)
“The Divide” (39:00 – 44:50)
Jew/Not-a-Jew (44:55 – 52:35)
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