‘Modern Family’ – ‘Unplugged’: The curious incident of the Gloria in the night-time

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10.21.10 80 Comments

A quick review of last night’s “Modern Family” coming up just as soon as I check the rat shovel for signs of dog…

When I announced on Monday that I’d be taking a few days off for personal reasons, someone on Twitter joked, “Modern Family fans rejoice.” Last week, a bunch of you decided that I was simply looking for reasons to complain about the show – as opposed to the much less complicated, actual explanation that I didn’t find it as funny as some of you did – and given that I didn’t like most of “Unplugged,” I was tempted to just skip the show altogether this week and come back next week.

Instead, I’m gonna keep it simple: I didn’t laugh at the Dunphy plot other than Luke destroying Dunphy Towers (“There’s no fire escapes! They cut corners!”) and the revelation of what Haley was doing with the bar of soap. I hated hated hated the Cam/Mitchell plot, as I feel every comedy on television needs to forever retire stories about parents freaking out about getting their kids into private school (I also cringed when “Parenthood” did it a few weeks ago).

But Jay/Gloria/Manny? That I laughed at – a lot. It was completely cartoonish – Gloria’s voice setting off the car alarm, the guys in mortal terror of her, etc. – yet in a way that played to the strengths of all three actors.

So one out of three, maybe one and a quarter. Not really loving this season so far. But to be fair, I ran hot and cold on season one, too, where I enjoyed maybe half the episodes without any reservations. Hoping for a “Fizbo”-level episode, and soon.

And now let me brace myself as I ask: what did everybody else think?

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