‘Raising Hope’ -‘Prodigy’: Hard to handle

Senior Television Writer
09.20.11 20 Comments

Premiere week has got me swamped, but I had time to watch the “Raising Hope” premiere at lunch today and wanted to at least get up a post about it to acknowledge the strong start Greg Garcia and company got off to for the second season. “Prodigy” was just the right mixture of silly and sweet – and, with the 9/11 joke, impressively hovering on tasteless without quite landing there – Garret Dillahunt continues to make me laugh with almost everything he says and does (“I made that boy with my wang!”), baby Hope remains adorable, and the three adult leads continue to work very well together. 

I imagine I’ll check back in at a later point in the season, but an excellent beginning. With any luck, “New Girl” will be a hit and, in turn, be a more compatible lead-in for “Raising Hope” than “Glee” turned out to be last spring.

What did everybody else think?

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