Review: ‘Bunheads’ – ‘You Wanna See Something?’

A review of the “Bunheads” mid-season premiere coming up just as soon as I wire a cardboard box for electricity…

I wish, in an odd way, that ABC Family had reversed the scheduling of these two batches of episodes. The first group aired in the summer, when I had time to write about each one, but at a time when the show was still figuring itself out. Now it’s back at mid-season, a much busier TV time of year, and I suspect I won’t be writing about it weekly anymore, but I really liked “You Wanna See Something?” and next week’s episode, as well.

“You Wanna See Something?” has to undo the “Oh captain, my captain” cliffhanger from that time Michelle hilariously maced a bunch of children, but it also gets to demonstrate just how thoroughly “Bunheads” has found itself.

When the show started, I didn’t see what value the girls added other than (vaguely) fitting the series into the ABC Family brand; now, it’s hard to imagine it without all four, who each have clearly delineated personalities and comic identities. I also had major issues with using Hubbell’s death as the excuse for Michelle to stay in town, and while I still think they were probably better off going another route, the Michelle/Fanny relationship has found a nice equilibrium, and the scenes tonight showing Hubbell talking about Michelle to the wedding videographer demonstrated the emotional value that the backstory can provide.

Plus, we had Boo’s auto-tune (and the dance Fanny choreographed to it), Michael DeLuise once again being awesome(*) as Michelle’s cheesey magician boss, the long rant about Henderson, and so many more jokes that popped.

(*) Why do more people not hire DeLuise? He’s great at both comedy and drama, and I’m not saying that just out of “NYPD Blue” loyalty. 

Very glad to have “Bunheads” back. Will write about it when I can.

What did everybody else think?