‘The Good Wife’ – ‘After the Fall’: Sister, sister

A quick review of last night’s “The Good Wife” coming up just as soon as I make a reservation for 4…

For an episode whose Case of the Week was about a young woman committing suicide, “After the Fall” was one of the more light-hearted episodes of the season, with Will’s sisters (Merritt Wever from “Nurse Jackie” and Nadia Dajani) driving him nuts at home while the sharks circled around his office back at the firm. Even the case itself was pitched relatively comedically, with the return of Mamie Gummer as Nancy Crozier, who got into an epic blonde-off with Caitlin in front of the suggestible judge.

That was all fun stuff (the Gardner sisters in particular), and we also got some interesting material about what the future may bring for Peter and Eli’s partnership. Though it gives the show an opportunity to bring in people like Donna Brazile, I think Peter running for governor is ultimately a non-starter that would rehash too much of what the show already did with the state’s attorney campaign. So sooner or later, it’s not going to happen for him, which means that Eli needs a more long-term role on the show (already being inside the firm is a good start for that). On the other hand, might Alicia actually be thinking of resuming The Good Wife role so that Peter can be elected, or is she simply going to stick to the status quo but cutting the duplicitous David Lee out of her personal life? 

What did everybody else think?