‘The Office’ – ‘Threat Level Midnight’: With a little help from my friends

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02.17.11 94 Comments

I’m taking a long weekend and didn’t see tonight’s “The Office” in advance, so I don’t really have time to write up a proper review of “Threat Level Midnight” – which is a shame, because I suspect it’s going to be a polarizing episode. So I will simply say two things about it, just as soon as I let you be a robot… 

First, I do not buy that most of those people, particularly in the time periods depicted in bringing back the likes of Roy and Karen, would have ever consented to be a part of this project – not unless we got a series of talking heads from people like Karen and Stanley about how they got extra time off or something, on top of the time it took to film it.

Second, I don’t think I much care. It was goofy, it was silly, and it was about as nonsensical as the film itself, but it was also a fun, sweet tour through the history of the Michael Scott era and all the people who lived through it. (No Mose, though; my understanding is that Mike Schur was less pliable than Stanley.)

You can’t think deeply about any of it at all – except maybe for the Michael/Holly part of it – but this was one of my favorite weird detours on the Michael Scott Farewell Tour.

What did everybody else think?

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