TV Avalanche Podcast, Episode 2: ‘Legion,’ ‘David Brent,’ Super Bowl Ads, And More

Welcome, everybody, to the second episode of what Brian Grubb and I are now tentatively calling the TV Avalanche Podcast, having already trimmed the title we used for last week’s debut episode. Since we’re still testing things out just to see how it all goes, we continue to be open to other title suggestions, whether in the comments, by tweeting at me or at Brian, emailing me, or what have you.

We went a bit longer on this week’s installment, in part because the Super Bowl and the latest episode of Saturday Night Live gave us some topical fodder to address on top of reviewing three of this week’s debuts: Legion (which I reviewed last week), Detroiters (I wrote about that this morning), and David Brent: Life on the Road. We also experimented with doing a shorter segment on the return of Girls, which is a show only I’m watching at this point, and spun our discussion of Netflix’s David Brent movie into suggestions for other characters we’d like to see return for a one-off movie.

Here’s the breakdown by segment:

Legion 1:25-14:04
Detroiters 14:05-19:44
David Brent: Life on the Road 19:45-27:58
TV characters we’d like to see get Where Are They Now? movies: 27:59-42:50
Girls final season micro-preview 42:51-47:07
SNL takes on Trump 47:09-57:50
Super Bowl ads and Lady Gaga at halftime 57:51-60:07

As I said last week, we’re not setting up a proper podcast feed until we have a bunch of logistical and creative issues sorted out, so you can either stream the episode below or download it from SoundCloud to listen offline. (If you tried to download last week’s episode and couldn’t, try again now; we upgraded the account to allow as many downloads as possible.)

Let us know what you think, what kinds of things you might like to hear us talk about beyond reviews of new and returning series premieres, and we will continue tinkering until we feel we’ve gotten it right.