No Rick Pitino, No Problem: Rick Potato Gets His 15 Minutes At ACC Media Day

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Getty / Martin Rickman

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Who is Rick Potato? Like most stories, it’s best to start from the beginning.

We’ve all been there. Autocorrect can strike at a moment’s notice. Sometimes at the worst times. A text message gone awry. A tweet that needs to be deleted, hopefully before it gets screengrabbed and remembered forever. A professional email with one extremely inconvenient word.

For me, autocorrect turned into a really silly joke. While I was sitting at the ACC Tournament, I composed a tweet about Rick Pitino, but it autocorrected Pitino to Potato. Which, considering the alternative – Jeff Greer of The Courier-Journal says his phone still changes Pitino to Petrino, the dangers of previously being on that two-sport beat – isn’t so bad. Then my poor photoshop skills came into play.

It’s haunting. It’s a little dumb. It’s an extremely literal joke that is kind of funny. In other words, it’s my sense of humor to a T. I made the joke and forgot about it, moving on to other pressing matters like how much Mike Brey looks like Dan Aykroyd’s character from Tommy Boy. 

But when all the stuff with Louisville started, something popped back into my head: Rick Potato.

When it was announced that Pitino would not be attending ACC Media Day, I made an offhand comment I typically make that I usually reserve for an open coaching jobs – that I’d do it instead, and be happy to do so.

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