Alex Torres Has A Pretty Simple Reason For Wearing This Odd Looking Cap

Mets reliever Alex Torres doesn’t care what you think of his new cap and he certainly doesn’t care that it’s distracting. On Saturday night against the Marlins, Torres came out of the bullpen to preserve a 5-4 lead. He did so wearing protective headgear, something he received just ahead of the game.

Torres did his job, got the save the Mets needed. But all anyone could take about after the game was the cap.

“I’ve seen a lot of pitchers in the Major Leagues get hit in the head. I don’t want to wait for that to happen to me. I love this game, and this game is my life. I need to take care of myself.”

Hard to argue with that.

The new cap is a step up from what he wore last year with the Padres.

Laugh all you want at Alex Torres. In the end, he ain’t about that concussion life. Can’t say I blame him.