And Here’s Your 2011 NCAA Bracket

03.13.11 8 years ago 3 Comments

The NCAA just announced their field of 68, and there were more than a few surprises.

Ohio State, Kansas, Pittsburgh and Duke earned No. 1 seeds, with the Panthers and Devils getting some ridiculously easy draws. The Big East will send 11 teams to the Big Dance; that’s a record for a single conference. Virginia Tech and Colorado didn’t get in, but that works for me. This is really just a chance for people to apply their arbitrary method for rankings teams against the NCAA’s, so go to town.

But the best tournament pairing might have been the one noticed by SportsPickle’s D.J. Gallo:

Rick Pitino’s team is playing Morehead State. Well played, selection committee. Well played.

The “First Four” kick off the tournament on Tuesday, but I’m not turning in a bracket before Thursday. Screw those games. You can call them whatever you like, but they’re play-in games and always will be.

If you’re hard-up for a bracket pool, join ours. The link is here and the password is “dukesucks”.

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