Attention Virgins: Episode 2 Of Brittney Palmer’s ‘Slow & Hot’ Is Here

Pro Wrestling Editor
01.16.14 12 Comments

Brittney Palmer Slow and Hot

Last week we shared with you the first episode of UFC ring girl Brittney Palmer’s new web series ‘Slow & Hot,’ wherein she (see if you can follow this joke) hangs out on the beach and does things in slow motion. A REVOLUTIONARY CONCEPT IN TELEVISION HISTORY. It’s basically the “cute dogs through a fisheye lens” show from ‘South Park’ but in real life. Nothing happens, she barely moves and it comes across like an uninteresting 2-minute GIF. So weird.

Episode two has arrived, and they’ve cut out the middleman by removing all sports content and just filming Brittney squeezing paint bottles in slow-mo. This is probably the worst use of the Phantom Cam ever. Why not just film her eating? Film her sleeping in slow motion. Brittney Palmer, TIRED & HUNGRY.

Here’s episode two, if jacking off to a blanks screen has gotten boring.

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