Attention Virgins: Episode 2 Of Brittney Palmer’s ‘Slow & Hot’ Is Here

Last week we shared with you the first episode of UFC ring girl Brittney Palmer’s new web series ‘Slow & Hot,’ wherein she (see if you can follow this joke) hangs out on the beach and does things in slow motion. A REVOLUTIONARY CONCEPT IN TELEVISION HISTORY. It’s basically the “cute dogs through a fisheye lens” show from ‘South Park’ but in real life. Nothing happens, she barely moves and it comes across like an uninteresting 2-minute GIF. So weird.

Episode two has arrived, and they’ve cut out the middleman by removing all sports content and just filming Brittney squeezing paint bottles in slow-mo. This is probably the worst use of the Phantom Cam ever. Why not just film her eating? Film her sleeping in slow motion. Brittney Palmer, TIRED & HUNGRY.

Here’s episode two, if jacking off to a blanks screen has gotten boring.