This Boxer Probably Wishes He’d Been KO’d After Screwing Up His Post-Fight Celebration

05.23.16 3 years ago

I won’t pretend to know anything about the two men in the above video. Both guys could beat me up easily and they are boxing in a NZBF match. A quick Google search of NZBF shows that there is a New Zealand Brotherhood of Fathers and a New Zealand Burlesque Festival. That could be the sanctioning body of this fight, but really, who cares?

We are here to laugh at the boxing dude who falls through the ropes during his celebration because that is funny.

So two minutes into this NZBF middleweight title fight, Jordan Tai knocked out Joe Blackbourn. In his enthusiasm for winning a complete DVD set of Flight of the Conchords (or maybe a belt), Tai takes off for the corner of the ring where all fighters like to do the thing where they jump on the ropes and salute the crowd.

Only he tumbles over the ropes.

And clings to them for dear life.

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