Bret Bielema Was Excited About ‘Hopping On His Wife’ After Win Over Ole Miss

After Arkansas’ wild win against Ole Miss on Saturday night, Razorbacks’ head coach Bret Bielema had a bit of a Freudian slip in his post-game press conference when he mentioned he’s looking forward to “hopping on my wife.”

What he meant to say was that he’s looking forward to hopping on the plane with his wife and getting back to Fayettville, Arkansas, but that trademark Bielema grin seemed to suggest otherwise. You can forgive the big man, as his team had just fought their way to an 53-52 overtime victory…on the road…against Ole Miss. He’s excited!

Nevertheless, we’d love to know what his wife thought about the slip, but if she’s married to the guy, she’s probably seen him say worse before. After all, this is the same man whose top Google image search result these days is of him shirtless with a drink in hand.

With a shake of his head and a mop of his seemingly always sweaty brow, the coach quickly wrapped up his post-game press conference, but you can bet the reporters he left in stitches won’t let him live this down anytime soon.

Go enjoy your plane ride home, Bret, and whoever might be with you on it. You’ve earned it.