My Psychic Told Me Caroline Wozniacki Have A Ass Like Serena

I’ve done a few hours of research on this video, and I’ve decided you can watch it in one of three ways:

1. It’s underwear pitchstress Caroline Wozniacki imitating Serena Williams by putting a towel up his ass and down the front of her shirt, and it’s all in good fun, because tennis ladies are all pals.

2. It’s Caroline Wozniacki and Maria Sharapova laughing about how Serena Williams looks, which has a possibly-unintentional “two boney white ladies don’t like how the curvy black woman looks” vibe.

3. The Internet friendly “omg wish i wuz yer towel” response.

However you want to look at it (and I’m not advocating any response in particular) the truth of the video is that Wozniacki did not impersonate Serena’s best quality — winning tennis championships — and that the impression was closer to a Simona Halep thing anyway.

[h/t to Guyism]