Tails Of Success: Fifi Bottomley Is The World’s Greatest Fitness Story

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With so much global attention being focused on the promotion of both healthy bodies and body image acceptance, it’s sometimes nice to see stories about people who have taken up weight loss challenges and followed through. But it’s even nicer when those stories involve animals, because animals are cute and people tend to suck. In this case, two pets from Bradford, West Yorkshire, England were pitted against each other in an adorable weight loss contest, and the big winner was the above cat, Fifi Bottomley.

When she was entered into the contest, Fifi weighed more than 20 pounds. Six months later, she now weighs 16-pounds, which some people might call the purrfect weight. *punches self in balls, coughs up hairball*

Fifi’s owner Monica Bottomley said: “Fifi is so much more active now and it’s clear she’s happier. PDSA’s advice was vital in helping Fifi to lose her extra weight; I really couldn’t have done it without them. My advice to other owners in a similar position is simple – don’t keep putting it off. Get proper advice and stick to it – it’s worth the effort for your pet’s wellbeing. If you love your pet, don’t keep delaying.” (Via The Telegraph and Argus)

Also, if you love your pet, don’t overfeed it and let it get morbidly obese. Maybe try that first before you spend a bunch of money on pet fitness programs. But that’s just me and my whack job theories.

The real issue at hand here is that Fifi’s opponent was Deco, a Labrador retriever. Indeed, that means that a cat has defeated a dog. This is a very troubling blow to my ongoing life thesis work that will ultimately prove that dogs are better than cats. This is a huge counterattack to that theory and now I’m scared that my work may ultimately be in vain. How scared am I? This scared…

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