Colin Kaepernick Appreciated The Support He Received From LeBron James And Kevin Durant

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With the Super Bowl occurring this weekend, LeBron James and Kevin Durant decided to show their support for a player who has spent the last few years butting heads with the NFL. The pair of former NBA MVPs wore Colin Kaepernick attire this week, much to the delight of the former San Francisco 49ers signal caller.

James and Durant went out wearing gear with Kaepernick’s No. 7 on it, with Durant’s having the added detail of a hashtag above the number that read #IMWITHKAP. The Durant jersey was released in late 2018 on Kaepernick’s website and sold out immediately, with portions of the proceeds going towards Kaepernick’s Know Your Rights campaign.

Kaepernick has spent the last day showing love to those who wore his gear out in public during Super Bowl week, starting off with Durant.

Earlier in the day on Saturday, Kaepernick tweeted out praise for James, who has publicly worn Kaepernick gear in the past, for expressing his support.

From outside the world of sports, Kaepernick sent out posts thanking Trey Songz and Angela Davis, both of whom wore his jersey as well.

Kaepernick has seen his name pop up in relation to the Super Bowl. Rihanna reportedly turned down performing to show support for Kaepernick, as did Cardi B, while those who are performing during halftime — Maroon 5, Travis Scott, and Big Boi — have been petitioned to take a knee during their show. In fact, Jay-Z reportedly tried to talk Scott out of performing and Kaepernick does not approve of Scott’s appearance.

As for Kaepernick’s future on the field, it appears we shouldn’t expect to see him wearing pads any time soon. His lawyer accused the NFL of “kowtowing to” president Donald Trump in an effort to keep him away from the game, and while Roger Goodell said he believed a team would sign him if he would help them win, Kaepernick retweeted a tweet from Terrell Owens calling the commissioner a liar.