This Mortal Kombat Remix Of The Conor McGregor Vs. Jose Aldo Fight Is Even Better Than The Real Thing

After a buildup that lasted almost an entire year, Conor McGregor defeated Jose Aldo so quickly that it was almost a letdown. Aldo was supposed to test the Irishman’s mettle like none before, but instead fell on their first exchange 13 seconds into the fight. That’s not a whole lot of combat to enjoy, but fortunately fight fans are nothing if not resourceful. There’s a claymation version of the fight, and another creative person took footage of the fight and turned it into a spot-on Mortal Kombat parody complete with exploding head fatality.

Strangely enough, this isn’t the only Mortal Kombat spoof inspired by the Conor McGregor / Jose Aldo fight. It all started back in April when Jose Aldo and his coaches joked about defeating McGregor via ‘Babality’, that strange form of finisher where you turn your opponent into a baby for some reason? Anyways, the guys at MMA World were amused and turned the exchange into a video.

Flash forward to July when Aldo was forced to pull out of the McGregor fight with two weeks to go due to an injured rib. Rather than sit out and wait, McGregor took on the next toughest guy in the division, wrestler Chad Mendes. Here’s the Mortal Kombat video that inspired:

That’s it for Aldo x McGregor x Mortal Kombat mashups … at least for now. While the UFC doesn’t sound like they plan on giving Aldo an immediate rematch, that fight is eventually going to happen if McGregor holds onto the featherweight belt like he plans to. Like Mortal Kombat sequels, it is inevitable.