Despite What This Video Says, There Is A Way, Yo

09.22.11 6 years ago 2 Comments

Taking the Sports-o-sphere by storm today is this video from a Connecticut high school football game between Hillhouse and North Haven. Down 19-7 in the third, North Haven QB Jalon White decides that the best time to throw a desperation touchdown pass is while parallel to and about an inch from the ground. The ball goes straight up and out of view (like the basketball in a sitcom when Eddie Winslow or Betty White or whoever has to swoosh it from half court), then falls straight back down into the hands of wide receiver Joe Burr, who just sorta turns around and ambles into the endzone for the TD. North Haven came back to win the game 21-19, proving once again that puttin’ yerself out there and bein’ fearless is important, no matter how fundamentally terrifying what you’re doing is.

This was the season opener for both teams, and now they’ve got to pull something viral in every game. Hopefully not in the Michael Vick way.

The real star of the video has to be the commentary, which introduces “there’s no way!” and reiterates it until you’re brainwashed and seeing “yo” every time you close your eyes. OH! AIN’T NO WAY, AIN’T NO WAY YO. AIN’T NO WAY. And so on, yo. But can you blame him? He might’ve just seen the best, worst play in high school football history.

[h/t Sportress of Blogitude, et al.]

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