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05.12.11 10 Comments

Yeah, I can’t come up with a funny picture for this one. ESPN’s college football rumors page is using a player’s death to talk about the Alabama Crimson Tide’s depth chart. In a site grab that has just started spreading around Twitter (with a tip of the hat to a rightfully outraged Jimmy Traina … although you really don’t want somebody tipping a hat in your direction over this), Albert Lin shows you how much of a f**king joke you can be and still get a mainstream blogging job by trivializing Aaron Douglas’ death to the point of absurdity.

The best part is where he uses the phrase “although it’s far from the most important result of this development” as a sort of “I’m not racist, but” safeguard against criticism, completely missing out on the fact that his “shocker” is ONLY about this result of the development. I keep wanting to type “what the hell is wrong with you,” but even that doesn’t seem to touch it. I’m not the worldwide leader in sports or anything, but I wouldn’t think this is the kind of thing you’d want to pay somebody to write.

Rest in peace, Aaron. Sorry about some of the people you left behind.

Update: The offending post has been removed (and now reads “XX”). Hopefully more than the post itself will be removed.

[H/T to Jimmy Traina, photo credit to Sean Kennedy]

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