Fantasy Football Virgin? Sign Up For Our Free Game With FanDuel And Win $1000

Don’t be scared, the first time’s a little awkward for everyone.

If you’ve never played fantasy football with, now’s your chance. To get ready for Week 1, FanDuel has put together a free, one-(technically two)-night fantasy football game worth $1000. That’s right … for no money you can do almost nothing except have fun and win cash.

Here’s how it works:

The game goes down on September 9 (that’s a Sunday), which means the Wednesday game’s players won’t be eligible, but you can draft anyone from Sunday or Monday. Payouts start up immediately after Monday Night Football, so there isn’t even a lag between you learning how much fun it is to play free fantasy sports and getting to lord it over your friends. I’ll be playing, as soon as I learn what football is. That Tebow guy’s the best player, right?

Regardless, sign-ups are happening now, so throw in and win some cash. Let me know how you do.