The Father Son Happy Dance Proves Why You Should Have A Dance Routine Ready At All Times

The big screen at sporting events separates the men from the boys. It’s where some of you go to simply wave and laugh and be forgotten. For others, it is where they go to become legends. This clip contains … well, a man and a boy, but the statement stands.

Someone played Pharrell’s ‘Happy’ during the NCAA Tournament championship game and surveyed the crowd for people smiling and clapping along. The camera settled on a father and son dancing together, and it quickly became obvious that they had an entire, mesmerizing routine ready just in case they ever got on a JumboTron. It’s so enthralling that everyone else in the building stops dancing and stares at the screen, to the point that it takes a second for them to register when they come up. So it’s AMAZING DANCE, pause, happy waves, AMAZING DANCE, pause, happy waves.

And then they start doing the Thriller dance.

Let that be a lesson, folks … always have a complicated dance routine ready to go, especially if you are gonna be somewhere with a big screen. ESPECIALLY if you have children.