Gennadiy Golovkin Discusses Steve Rolls, His Trainer Switch, And Getting A Third Canelo Fight Done

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Gennadiy Golovkin (38-1-1) will enter the ring Saturday night against Steve Rolls (19-0), live on DAZN, after a nine month layoff since his first professional loss to Canelo Alvarez in a majority decision by the judges in Las Vegas.

That loss means GGG will be fighting without a major title on the line for the first time since he won the interim WBA world middleweight title in 2010, some 21 fights ago. After spending years as one of the top fighters on HBO’s boxing roster, Golovkin’s bout with Rolls will be the first of a six-fight deal he signed with DAZN following HBO’s exit from the boxing industry.

Not only is he shifting broadcast partners, but Golovkin parted ways with long-time trainer Abel Sanchez in May, a fairly stunning move in the boxing world, joining Johnathon Banks instead. On Thursday, Golovkin spoke with Uproxx Sports about his first camp with Banks, his expectations for Rolls, and when he expects a third Canelo fight to get done.

This has been your first camp with Johnathon Banks as your trainer. How has that experience gone?

Yeah, everything was good. I feel very comfortable with him. We didn’t have a lot of time, but I feel very comfortable.

Have there been any big changes with your focus or what he wants you to do in the ring?

Not too much with focus. I just have focus. A little bit with strategy, yes.

What do you expect to see from Steve Rolls on Saturday night?

If he’s ready to fight, I’m looking for a real championship fight. He is not easy for us. This is boxing. Everybody has chance. He’s undefeated. He looks strong. I think this is a good fight for us.

We saw last Saturday anything can happen with Joshua-Ruiz. How do you make sure you keep your edge and focus when you’re a huge favorite in a fight?

I have focus. I don’t need special, like extra, focus because I understand my situation.

What lessons have you learned in watching back over the most recent Canelo fight?

Not special. I was just…not special. I watched and I don’t see nothing.

How confident are you the third Canelo fight gets done soon?

I think so, yes. September, maybe end of September, cause this is boxing business.

This is the first fight in your six-fight deal with DAZN. At 37 years old, what is it that keeps you driven to keep fighting and keep getting back in the ring?

Still in business. Boxing business. I understand my situation. Thank you DAZN for the support. People want to watch me fight. If people want to watch me fight, why not?

Obviously the third Canelo fight is the top priority, but is there anyone else in the division you’re interested in fighting?

Right now my focus is on Steve Rolls. If you want to ask, just ask me after this fight.

With Steve Rolls, what’s your expectation for how this fight goes for you and what you’ll be able to do on Saturday night.

It’s a good fight. I think we’ll bring good event. Big show. Big drama show. Steve, he looks strong. He’s hungry. He’s undefeated. This is my first fight after my long break. I think it’s a good fight for us and a good fight to give to the people.