Hey Jenn Brown, That Wasn’t Very Nice

Senior Writer

ESPN college football sideline reporter Jenn Brown took her extra N to the University of Cincinnati’s Nippert Stadium last night as the Bearcats took on N.C. State for some hot Thursday night action. Chances are that you were frozen in terror or confusion while watching “Whitney” on NBC, but if not you probably caught Brown’s tiny faux pas in the third quarter, as she accidentally called Cincinnati’s coach, Butch Jones, “Bitch.”

A mistake? Absolutely. But she quickly corrected herself and moved on like the consummate professional that she is, and she even recognized her mistake on Twitter, which means that the whole situation is resolved. After all, it’s not like she said, “Sh*t” on Monday Night Football and just kept guffawing along about quarterbacks. I guess what I’m trying to say is that Brown is more attractive than Ron Jaworski.

Video and apology after the jump.

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