Things Are Getting Heated Between The Holly Holm And Ronda Rousey Camps

The UFC has finally come around to the fact that Ronda Rousey probably isn’t going to be ready to fight in July for UFC 200. Last week, they announced that Holly Holm would fight again before she and Ronda would rematch, which UFC president Dana White would only do if his mega superfight was off the table for the foreseeable future. But Holm and her camp are holding onto hope that the multi-million dollar fight still comes together for the UFC’s milestone card, and they’re willing to talk a little smack to make it happen.

Here’s Holm’s coach Mike Winkeljohn talking to Submission Radio:

“I hope so (she’ll fight at UFC 200). You know, that’s Holly. She has fought five times in one year, so she’s active. She has that Cowboy Cerrone mentality where she just wants to fight and get through this thing. She likes to fight. So in a perfect world, that’d be fantastic. Let’s have her fight, go fight whoever they give us. Show the world that it’s not one-and-done with Holly Holm, that she can destroy the next person. And then, if Ronda has the guts to do it again, let’s do it again for some big money. And that’s great for those girls.”

It doesn’t so much have to do with Ronda’s guts as it does Ronda’s schedule; she’s got two movies that we know of scheduled for the first half of 2016, and who knows what secret projects like the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition and Saturday Night Live are also percolating for the young star. Ronda spent 2015 fighting whoever the UFC wanted whenever was best for them. Maybe 2016 is the year she does what’s best for her.

Considering how hard she got head punted back in November, it would almost be considered irresponsible of her to step back in the cage by July, especially against an opponent like Holm. You can’t deny, though, that it would be an impressive display of intestinal fortitude. Does Ronda have the guts to rematch Holly at UFC 200? It would be the sports story of the year if she does. It could also be the biggest mistake of her career.

(Via Submission Radio)

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