Indiana's Yogi Ferrell Released A Rap Song (When He Was In The Sixth Grade)

Indiana point guard Yogi Ferrell is a talented kid, but you can’t know how truly talented he is until you’ve heard him rap about wanting to go to Duke, but how he won’t because his cousin goes there, when he was 13 years old. Yep, Yogi recorded a rap song back in the sixth grade, when he was merely a Boo-Boo, and it is adorable.

A quick explanation, courtesy of YouTube user Channing Mitzell:

So I just found my computer from 6th grade and this video (from seven years ago) was on my hard drive. I have no idea how or why this was on here but I thought I’d share haha. If I remember correctly, back in 6th grade at Park Tudor we had a business fair (in Mr Weymuth’s class) where every student had to sell a product…this was his product haha. In case someone cares, this was posted with yogi’s permission

Here’s the song, if you’re interested in buying Yogi’s product:

Sample lyric:

Brush your hair

brush your teeth

next thing you know can you wash your feet?

Wash your underarm

wash your butt

In ten minutes can you eat you at Pizza Hut

I think that’s what he’s saying. You can’t understand most of it, but it’s still the best rap song to come out of IU since the all-time classic ‘This Is Indiana.’

Yogi should stop rapping about Duke and start talking ’bout the Hoo Hoo Shurrs.

[h/t to The Dagger]