I’ve Made a Huge Mistake

In the best jetpack-related disaster to happen on Fox since George Michael battled a giant mole and accidentally destroyed Sudden Hill, Fox 5 Reporter Matt Johnson tries to tape an intro with a cool aeronaut and almost gets dumped in the drink by the grinning moron and his wacky flying machine. Two observations:

1. Jetpacks still need a little work, and
2. Fox 5 should probably start a little later

I’ve watched this about ten times, and I think what makes it funny is how helplessly the guy tumbles into the water. Like, he doesn’t take off and then crash, he just steps off the platform and drowns. You don’t get to see what happens, but I hope the jetpack kicked in just as he went underwater and he got shot straight down to the bottom. And then he stays under too long and everyone gets concerned, but then he FLIES UP out of the water and up into the sky yelling WOO HOOOOOOO.

I watch too many superhero movies.

[h/t The Daily What]