Jeff Gordon Took His Biggest Critic On A Wild Ride In ‘Test Drive 2’

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02.27.14 3 Comments

Last March, Pepsi MAX teamed up with NASCAR great Jeff Gordon for a viral ad that had him going undercover to take a random car salesman on the wild ride of his life. The video was highly entertaining even if a ton of people suspected that it was all fake since it was, you know, a commercial for Pepsi. Still, Jalopnik writer Travis Okulski took the “FAKE!” routine to another level, as he broke the video’s fallacies down and exposed the car salesman as an actor. You know, the guy in a Pepsi commercial that was made to entertain people.

Today, Pepsi MAX released Test Drive 2 as a sequel to last year’s YouTube hit, and this time Gordon and Co. wanted to get a little payback on Bobby Buzzkill himself. Pepsi enlisted one of Okulski’s friends to set him up, as they sent Gordon in disguise as a taxi driver that also happens to be an ex-con. Once they hit the road to Okulski’s destination, a cop car comes into the picture and Gordon then puts his special cab to work. Naturally, hilarity ensues.

I’ll go ahead and say it – FAKE. First of all, Okulski has his phone in his hands the entire time and he can’t get it together long enough to dial 911? Second, and much more to the point, he didn’t piss his pants. Those dungarees should be a different shade of yellow after dealing with that kind of nonsense, so FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKEITY FAKE FAKE. See you next year, Jeff.

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