‘I Hate It’: John Madden Is No Fan Of Will Ferrell’s Baseball Stunt

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Despite the fact that it raised a few bucks for charity and took place during Spring Training games that hardly matter, there are surely people who didn’t love yesterday’s Will Ferrell baseball takeover when he played 10 different positions for 10 different teams.

You can count John Madden as the most notable critic of Ferrell’s, thanks to an appearance on KCBS Radio where the Hall of Fame football coach and legendary broadcaster/video game pitchman said that Ferrell’s actions showed “a lack of respect for the game.” Madden also said that Ferrell showed a “lack of respect for what players have to do to get where they are.”

As TMZ pointed out, it’s entirely possible that Madden didn’t know that this was all being done for a good cause, but the implication that Ferrell was somehow taking a short cut is worth further exploration.

This isn’t Garth Brooks, who accumulated about 40 at-bats during stints with the Mets, Royals, and Padres in Spring Training over the course of three separate seasons. This was a one-day event. Nobody lost their roster spot or any real playing time because of Ferrell’s actions, and he didn’t attain any athletic glory in the process. It was an obvious goof, not a legit effort to circumvent the hard slog that must be endured to play baseball at the highest level. And Ferrell’s nods to Bert Campaneris and Tony Gwynn show that he has ample respect for the history of the game.

Now, did Ferrell get to enjoy a little wish fulfillment in the process? Of course, and I can see why that might make some roll their eyes. I can also see why some might think that it was a little odd to see game times get pushed back to accommodate something that could have been done with a little less spectacle. But if Ferrell had simply picked one or two teams to play for, fewer people would have paid attention, and he likely would have raised less money in the long run. So, the end seems to have justified the means.

(Source: TMZ)