The Internet Responds *Hilariously* To LeBron James Suffering A Cramp In Game 1 Of The NBA Finals

The San Antonio Spurs won Game 1 of the NBA Finals in impressive fashion, with a double-double from the ageless Tim Duncan and a combined 35 points from Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili. It also helped that at some point during the game, the air conditioning system in the AT&T Center failed, and that led to LeBron James leaving the game with cramps in his left leg. The Great One? The KING? Leaving Game 1 of the NBA Finals over some stupid, old cramps that hurt like the devil no matter what any so-called tough guy might say? That’s just absurd, and fortunately the perfect people of the Internet were quick to jump all over the Miami Heat star for showing a flaw and single-handedly causing his team to lose.

While most rational NBA fans know that this means James will probably respond with a Game 2 performance for the ages – probably like 80 points, 30 rebounds and 20 assists, by my math – that’s not going to stop those fans in the 49 states that picked the Spurs to win the Finals out of pure hatred of the Heat from firing up the photoshop and using old memes to once again pick on the best basketball player in the world. Actually, the heavy lifting was mostly done by NBA meme accounts, but people still stole every funny picture they could find and Tweeted them like the world was ending.

Perhaps the best burn on this hot Texas evening didn’t come from random Tweeters, but a company in direct competition with one of James’s top endorsement deals. That company? Gatorade. Bron-Bron might need a Band-Aid for this burn.

That’s because James endorses Powerade, you see. In fact, here’s a meme that explains why that Tweet is funny.

Then, of course, there was the obvious meme – the Lance Stephenson blowing on James photoshops. There were about a million variations of this:

You know what a popular theme is with James? Comparing him to the other greats of the game. Take Kobe Bryant, for example. Would the Black Mamba have to be carried off the court over a cramp? Nope. Not according to this.

But Bryant’s not really the guy that most people like to compare the King to. That honor goes to Michael Jordan, because it’s so much easier to compare guys from two different generations of the game, since they’d never be able to play each other. Remember MJ’s “Flu Game”? The Internet does.

That one came from ESPN so you know it’s legitimate. Let’s talk about cramps for a second, though. Do you know who else gets cramps? Women, when they’re menstruating. Can you see where we’re going here?

Look, I’m not going to act completely indignant about all of these recycled jokes. I kind of smirked at this one:

And I will always find this meme funny no matter how many people tell me it’s not.

That’s good parody of the small group of people that silently controls every aspect of society and will eventually crush us like ants, enslaving the entire human race for our own protection. Maybe the Illuminati can start with these people, the ones who brought back the dead meme of imitating athletes, as they have given us… *sigh*… #LeBroning, which already existed, but there’s nothing original happening here anyway.

Oh that’s good imitating, Spurs fans. Give us some more, you guys earned it.


I’d love to have attributed that photo to the person who took it, but it was stolen by every parody account and sourceless blog on the Internet. Hey Illuminati, forget the people LeBroning and get the 241K people following a corny-as-hell Shooter McGavin “parody” account first, thanks.

What about some strange settings for LeBroning? How about a department store?

Awesome, now give me a TV station news team getting in on the fun!

And now let’s close it all out with a photo that probably caused a lot of basketball fans to send perverted DMs last night.

Great job, Internet! Make sure to meet back here on Monday to check out the new version of LeBroning, which is basically Heat fans talking a ton of sh*t about all the haters.