Lee Corso On A Duck Is Simply Amazing

Yesterday, the fine folks at ESPN proved that they’re capable of more than throwing large sums of money at Skip Bayless to pretend that he knows about sports, when they posted the above picture to the College GameDay Facebook page. Within the seconds, the Internet exploded. In fact, if Twitter was a squirter, you’d still be clinging to your life on a broken slab of wood.

Thankfully, we’re all dry and some of us even have Photoshop, so obviously people were going to have fun with this one. It’s just a spectacular photo, this batsh*t old man and his giant rubber ducky. Granted, I’d rather have Samantha Steele in floaties, maybe splashing Erin Andrews, but we take what we can get.

I could have spent a day making dozens of pictures, but I’m already on my way to my own rubber ducky in the Caribbean, so you’ll have to settle for one above average original and my two favorite responses from the Interwebs’ best evil geniuses.

Like you don’t want to watch Kirk Herbstreit bathe…

This one comes via Deadspin’s photoshop battle cry, because I have such a soft spot for White Michael Vick

And this GIF (via) is simply incredible.