This Bizarre MMA Entrance Featured Cameos From Spider-Man, Captain America, And Mickey Mouse

05.29.16 2 years ago 2 Comments

MMA fighters know that making the walk to the cage is probably more intense than the fight itself. Weeks of preparation and sacrifice have all led to this moment, and now it’s time to show off your abilities. It’s also a good time to psyche out your opponent, either with the dark rumblings of heavy metal while the fighter growls and clenches his fists, or with a crew of Disney characters in tow. Wait, what?

Yes, Gabriel Macario danced, not walked, out on a tiny ramp dressed in costume with presumably his favorite comic-book and cartoon characters. It’s a pretty surreal image, seeing him take off his costume while Cap and Spidey boogie down to the funky music. It’s times like these when you know the violence is coming and coming hard.

And it seems as if the walkout indeed helped Macario. He was pumped up beyond belief by a dancing Mickey Mouse, Captain America and Spider-Man, and it led to a TKO victory in less than two minutes. Weird. Who needs performance-enhancing drugs when you can have performance-enhancing Disney and Marvel characters behind you?

No one. Well, Captain America is pumped full of performance enhancers. I guess Spider-Man is kind of an unfair fight too. Well, you get the point.

(Via SBNation)

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