This Red Sox Fan Puked On A Bunch Of People In The Section Below Him

Red Sox Nation did not put its best foot forward on Wednesday night when a fan, experiencing some gastric distress, decided the best destination for his (sizable) deposit of vomit was — instead of a surreptitious popcorn bag or a sacrifice of his lap and pants — a crowd of innocent people below. They were just trying to attend a baseball game without having puke rained down on them. Is that so hard?

Before you go blaming the alcohol policy at Fenway Park for this (hopefully) intoxicated individual’s actions, straw man, consider that the incident in question occurred during the national anthem. On a Wednesday. Whoever this puker was, he was determined to make the night go one way, and that’s the way it went. Vomitously.

Sorry, field-level ticket holders hoping to stay puke-free and enjoy the Red Sox as they face a different color of Sox. Better luck next time, or be safe and stay in the upper level.

(Via Graig Murphy)