Everyone Needs To Hear The Hilariously Awful Song The Sharks Might Play When They Score

The San Jose Sharks want a new goal song for next season, and they want fans to choose it. There are six nominees and we may as well get to what is easily the worst song of the bunch, and perhaps in human history.

You know that song “Shots” by LMFAO? You see, in that song, they say the word “shots” over and over. In this remix, the word “shots” has been changed to “Sharks” because the name of the team is Sharks. So, when Joe Thornton scores his fourth goal of the game, you scream “Sharks” over and over. That’s the bit.

Using that logic, you can change any word in any song to Sharks and make that a goal song.

“I don’t want / anybody else / when I think about you / I Shark myself.” Boom. Goal song.

“Light a Shark, Shark, Shark / Light a Shark, Shark, Shark / I’m on fire!” Boom. Goal song.

The responsible thing to do would be to go to the Sharks’ website, listen to all six candidates and choose the one you feel is the best song, as it will be played about 100 times next season. During this election season, it’s important to remember that your vote counts.

The funny thing to do would be to go to the Sharks’ website and vote for this LMFAO remix as often as possible because you don’t have to listen to this song 100 times next season. And on those rare occasions the Sharks are on TV, you can laugh in your living room as this song blares from your TV.

(San Jose Sharks)