Scott Pollard Thinks Phil Jackson Stinks

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05.12.11 3 Comments

Former guy who played in the NBA Scott Pollard attended a rally in Sacramento this week to support the Kings and create a greater effort to keep them from leaving, and while he was there he chatted with radio host Grant Napear of KHTK about his fondness for Sacramento and his desire to move there, which must be difficult when you’re not doing anything and have a lot of time to do things like pack boxes and move. But invalid arguments aside, Pollard also weighed in on the recent woes of the Los Angeles Lakers and had some great insight on 11-time NBA champion coach Phil Jackson.

I just think he’s one of the most overrated coaches of our time. He’s only had the greatest players of our era on his teams. Put him in charge of the Sacramento Kings this year, and I don’t mean to offend Sacramento fans, but put him on a team with no Hall-Of-Famers on it at least no one that has established themselves as a Hall-Of-Famer already, put him as the Head Coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers right now and let’s see how he does next year with no Hall-Of-Famers on the team. That’s all I’m saying. (Via KHTK)

Does he make a valid point? Yes. Of course Phil has coached two of the greatest players of all-time in Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant, as well as arguably the greatest big man in league history in Kwame Brown Shaquille O’Neal. But does that really make him overrated as a coach? Just the other night, I was watching Game 3 of the Lakers-Mavericks game and Derek Fisher committed an unnecessary foul with less than 18 seconds left, leading to Dallas free throws that sealed the win. All the while, Phil sat there and didn’t even argue the foul or try to set up a last-ditch play for his team. I was like, Whoa bro, that dude can coach.

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