Simone Biles Capped Off An Incredible Olympics By Meeting Her Biggest Crush

Four gold medals in one week, proving you are the best athlete in the world at your sport, and a Sports Illustrated cover appearance isn’t a bad first trip to the Olympics. Simone Biles consolidated her status as the best gymnast on Earth over the last week-plus, and then followed it up by finally getting to meet her crush Zac Efron. Lest this be taken lightly, Simone is a MASSIVE Zefron fan. She has tweeted about her adoration for the heartthrob many a time and even once got a custom leotard with Efron’s face all over it from Ellen Degeneres.

Long before she arrived in Brazil and started crushing her competition like the dominating competitor she is, she had her mind set on meeting Zac.

Yes, Simone, you’ve accomplished enough for one Olympics. You can meet Zac Efron now. She knew that the Baywatch actor had been watching her compete on TV because he tweeted a few times about her awesome skills, but Biles probably didn’t expect he would show up in Rio out of nowhere to make her day.

They are the most adorable twosome – does Efron do house calls for the rest of us or only for amazing athletes who defy gravity on the regular?

Simone even predicted that meeting Efron in person might cause some unexpected side effects…

Get up, Simone! You have to start training to defend your title in Tokyo!

The pair did another take and Simone finally got a smooch from Zac.

(via SB Nation)