A Semipro Soccer Player Was Cut From His Club After Being Caught Having Sex In The Dugout

English semi-pro soccer team Clitheroe FC thought it would be a good idea to have a “ladies day” promotion on Saturday in an effort to lure more female fans.

It was a terrible idea.

That’s because one of their players, a striker by the name of Jay Hart, took it upon himself to use that opportunity to take a fan into the team dugout and have sex with her. In his team-supplied track suit. On camera. After a loss.

Via the Mirror

Striker Jay Hart can be heard laughing on the mobile phone footage as he was caught still in his club T-shirt with his tracksuit bottoms around his legs.

Father-of-two Hart, 24, scored with the woman after his team slumped to a 4-1 defeat. His team Clitheroe had been playing away at Mossley AFC, who had promoted their final game of the season as a “ladies day” to attract more female supporters.

Hart, who has a girlfriend and two young children, expressed regret and blamed it on the alcohol, saying, “I’d had a couple of drinks.” His girlfriend lashed out at fans on the team’s Facebook page afterwards for discussing the story, commenting, “Have a bit of decency for the people it’s affected. Thank God my kids are too young to read.” Oh, but one day, they will. And when they Google daddy’s name, this NSFW picture is likely to pop up.

For their part, the club released an official statement on the issue with some very peculiar all-caps placement:

Official club statement from Clitheroe Chairwoman Anne Barker
Following a NON-FOOTBALL RELATED incident at Mossley AFC yesterday. Jay Hart has been dismissed from the club.

Heh, NON-FOOTBALL RELATED incident, you say? Alright.

The video does seem to have been erased from all of the internet, but the screenshots live on in. Wonder what type of promotions Jay’s next team will dare to have while he’s in town.

(H/T The Mirror & Screamer)