The Steelers Scored An Amazing Last-Second Antonio Brown Touchdown To Win The AFC North

After a Beast Mode-worthy 10 yard run by Ravens’ Kyle Juszczyk to take a three-point lead with 1:18 left, Ben Roethlisberger led the Steelers down the field to score a touchdown with a reach over the line by Antonio Brown with nine seconds left to win the AFC North battle.

In a game that had massive playoff and division implications, the Steelers were on the ropes with just over a minute left when the Ravens ate the clock and yardage to score on a bruising run by their fullback.

But with the chance to seal up the division, the Steelers got the ball at the 25 with just over a minute left, and Roethlisberger started dealing. He then proceeded to throw seven completions in a row, with only two spikes to stop the clock before his eighth completion to Brown let the receiver run after the catch just far enough to cross over the goal line.

In barely enough time to make a bag of microwave popcorn, the Ravens went from a potential Week 17 win meaning they’d be division champions to getting knocked out of the playoffs. The Steelers, meanwhile, went from wild-card team to division champs and now look like the offensive juggernaut that everyone expected at the beginning of the season.

Bring on the playoffs, folks.