Stupid Ring Girl: The Prequel

With a hat-tip to our friends at Bob’s comes my new favorite follow-up story.

Remember last week when we shared with you the video of a ring girl In The Style Of Liz Vicious who didn’t realize that “this guy knocked out on the floor with people checking on him” meant the fight was over, so she sauntered around with a big Round 2 sign like a goon?


No, we’re not making this up.

Prior to the incident involving walking by a fallen fighter with a round 2 sign, the very same inattentive round card girl came out holding a round 4 sign for a 3 round fight. The fight was over and headed to the judges scorecards, but she was ready for round 4.

Video is below. Keep shining, you crazy, stupid diamond.

My new theory is that she’s a, like, bio-chemist or something in real life, some sort of high-ranking college student who just happened to be at the building and got roped into walking around in a bikini because she’s nice-looking. She’s got a literate disdain for combat sports and is trolling us on purpose. Right? That’s got to be right.

Or maybe she’s just amazing. Either way.