These 2012 London Olympics Posters Are Awesome For People Who Love LSD

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11.04.11 7 Comments

The people in charge of making sure London proves to be the suitable host to the 2012 Summer Olympics, as opposed to a violent center of chaotic protesting and terrorist threats, have taken their first step in reminding the world how beautiful and inspirational the Olympics were intended to be from the first day a naked Greek dude ran faster than another naked Greek dude.
Twelve artists were commissioned to create posters for both the Olympics and the Paralympics, and as you can tell from the banner image, sh*t got real abstract. Now I’m no fancy, big city art aficionado by any means. I’ve been to the Louvre and I made plenty of off-color jokes about “that chick with no eyebrows,” so I’m not exactly the best person to be analyzing modern art. But I can’t help but look at these contributions and wonder why they didn’t just grab some finger paintings from the local daycare.

(Posters via the Mirror)
Big Ben is, of course, a giant clock tower. This is a puzzle game that came with Windows 95.
The original version just featured the words, “Honorable Mention.”
Not even the artist, Gary Hume, can tell us what this is, and if he does, he’s lying.
I like this one. It’s like the Olympics were mashed up with an opening sequence to a James Bond film.
I don’t know who the unknown runner is, but we should probably shoot it before it eats our souls.
I like to imagine this is how artist Michael Craig-Martin came up with this one…
*alarm clock buzzes* “Oh crap, I got too drunk and forgot to make my poster!”
“Finish a few beers, dip them in paint, splatter them around a canvas… PAY ME!”
Damn those paralympians and their sweaty love.
You can pick this up in poster form or as a tank top at Urban Outfitters.
This is the most macabre poster I’ve ever seen. I look at this and immediately think thousands of people died.
This has to be a joke.
He didn’t even bother coming up with a real name for it either.

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