Tito Ortiz Still Has Problems With Words, Calls Chael Sonnen A ‘Juicy Juice Boy’

Tito Ortiz and Chael Sonnen are set to duke it out in the Bellator cage on January 21st, and while there may be some questions about how much they have left to give in the cage, there’s no doubt whatsoever that the lead-up to the fight is going to be entertaining. Both fighters are known for having big mouths. Chael practically invented the art of Just Sayin’ Stuff and Tito can’t seem to put a coherent sentence together without mashing up three or four figures of speech.

When the fight was announced, Tito grimly warned Chael “You’ve just signed your death wish!” And in their first interview together on a Bellator broadcast, he followed that up with “All I hear is gas coming out of his ass … and it’s not his butt!”

At the end of that interview, Tito took a juice box and smashed it to symbolize what he planned to do to Chael. Now he explains the performance to anyone who maybe didn’t get what he was going for.

“So as I was growing up is don’t ever do juice, as in steroids,” he said on Facebook Live. “Chael Sonnen gets popped for a juice cocktail. And the question was how do I think this fight is gonna turn out? So I said well let me go ahead and find Chael for you. So the best acronym I could think of that is a juice box, juice box being Chael Sonnen. It’s no more than that because he is a juicy juice boy. He likes to do his dabble, in his little steroid stuff.”

“Hopefully they do test us – which I know they will, they test us on all of our fights. But that just shows a sign of weakness. A sign of weakness of him being full of juice! He’s a juice box, he’s a juice boy and that’s why that Juicy Juice box came into the camera frame.”

Well, if anyone should be called a juicy juice juicer, it’s Chael Sonnen. Not only did Chael pop for steroids multiple times, it was his defense that he had told commissions that he was doing steroids as part of a Testosterone Replacement Therapy program that somehow opened the TRT loophole up for all UFC fighters. Years later, and it’s still a headscratcher as to exactly how that ever happened.

Currently, Chael’s been going around saying he’s still part of the USADA testing regiment, but that sounds like more hot air. Outside of the UFC, fighters generally only get tested on the night of their fights, making PED use almost laughably easy. California does have policies that allow for random testing, but it’s pretty rare. They may just bust it out, though, for a juice boy if he seems juicy enough.

So watch out, Chael Sonnen: we’d hate to miss out on a couple of months of ridiculous trash talking because Tito Ortiz was right about you.

(via MMA Fighting)