The Internet Hilariously Embraced The Mayhem Of The Diaz/McGregor Press Conference

Nate Diaz and Conor McGregor’s first fight week press conference for UFC 196 was unhinged, but things didn’t really fly off the rails until Conor threw a punch at Nate during their faceoff. This time around, Conor and Nate couldn’t be near each other for more than a few moments before security had to shield journalists, fans and fighters from water bottles and Monster Energy cans getting chucked from the stage.

Considering how Conor McGregor was 30 minutes late for the press conference, we didn’t even know he was going to show up. Things were so much simpler back when Nate could answer a question quietly before being called a “crackhead essé” by McGregor, which would lead up to the volley of filtered water and high fructose caffeine.

In about 72 hours, these two will be walking into the cage where Diaz has bested McGregor, but before that happens, this is what the MMA world had to say about this ridiculously dramatic press conference.

First, Nick Diaz has something to reveal:

Poor Jake Shields. Strikeforce champion, Elite XC champion, long-time contender, and now gentle tosser of a latté

Here’s a deep cut for the Irish out there: