Will Ferrell Talked About Lane Kiffin And USC On The Dan Patrick Show. It Was Wonderful.

Will Ferrell had a pretty busy day yesterday, between announcing the Los Angeles Dodgers’ lineup for Game 5 of the NCLS and jinxing the St. Louis Cardinals and ruining my day and appearing on The Dan Patrick Show, and of course as the foremost celebrity fan of the USC Trojans football program, the Anchorman: The Legend Continues star had to weigh in on the recent firing of Lane Kiffin. Patrick asked Ferrell to give his honest opinion on the situation, which was pretty disappointing because, like a lot of people, I love watching people turn the dagger and pour salt on Kiffin.

But what Ferrell lacked in vitriol for Kiffin, he made up for in his impression of USC’s interim coach, Ed Orgeron.

“You know, a group of buddies of mine, we all went to USC… you know, it was shocking that it happened in the way that it did. A lot of people, at least in my circle, we felt bad for the guy. Immediately, I saw that someone purchased billboard space to celebrate the fact that he was fired, and everyone else just said, ‘That’s too bad.’ Then after seeing how they played last Thursday, I was at the game, there was obviously just a huge difference in the way the team responded to Ed Orgeron, who I have to say, I hope he sticks around just so we can hear him in his postgame press conferences.”

(Via Throw the Flag)